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While art fairs in New York City charge many thousands of dollars for gallery booths and for individuals to exhibit, the Fridge Art Fair has a different approach. We believe artists should be able to show their work at a reasonable cost at fairs. 
This year's Fridge Fair is located in the beautiful 33 Seaport Hotel NYC, in the historical South Street Seaport area of Lower Manhattan. The hotel generously allowing the fair to use two large rooms and their wall space as well as spaces outside, for artists who would like to site their work there.  

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 9.19.55 PM.png

Exhibitors/Artists use this page to pay:
$30 per work
$225 for a booth.

Booths are subject o availability. Artists are responsible for all transportation/mailing.  Any work not picked up at end of fair cannot be stored.

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