BIRTHED: DC 2012  ||  BORN: NYC: 2013  || REBIRTHED: MIA: 2018

FRidgE Art Fair


Created by artist Eric Ginsburg ( who is often considered world as one of the greatest Visual Artists artists of our time.  Ginsburg is known for his bright whimsical dog portraits that are often believed to tap into the soul of the subject and beyond. 

He created Fridge as a one time conceptual instillation designed to be playful and fun experience project at the landmark Galleryonetwentyeight ( New York City. 

Ginsburg was asked to bring the concept to Miami during A.B.M.B. and Fridge Art Fair has become a revered and unexpected staple art fair experience taking place during Frieze Week NY and Art Basel Miami Bach.

Ginsburg’ Not for Profit art fair; is the boutique, soft sell, scrappy, dog-friendly art fair that brilliantly redefines the universal artistic chaos to create beauty. 


is Fridge and what does a Fridge look like? Every Fridge is different: Example, one fair (in terms of space) will have what we like to say: "The Art Fair Booth" and another Fridge will be an open space and curated.


open to all. accepts applications and proposals from artists, galleries, collectives, or any person, place, or thing that might want to be a part of Fridge.

Fridge New Logo.jpg
Can you fit in the Fridge?
— Sir Eric Ginsburg