Get into the Fridge!

Simple Directions...


One way:


Please send us your proposed presentation designed to fit into a space approximately the size of a large refrigerator…our venues are small and we want to be as diverse and exciting as possible!


We will need a curatorial statement for the presentation even if it is a solo of your own work, as opposed to an artist statement, as well as a bio for each presenting artist and the curator of applicable. It may be helpful, but it’s not necessary to name your presentation. 

Please use the statement, 300 words or less, to connect in spirit to the Butterfly Effect, and/or the concept of Peace. We hope you will format text and images together as a web page (that you can revise at any time!)  and send us a link, but we will also accept PDFs.  A processing fee of $45 is requested with each submission to exhibit.

Be the Butterfly! For a tax deductible donation of $180 we automatically include your submission URL, whether we are able to fit you into a venue or not, as a member of the group Butterflies for Peace  permanently on our site and publicized as an accompanying project.  Fridge NYC 2022  is on a fast track as we held off to see how conditions would be for a public event this year, so we are still looking into many options for our exhibitors including the future publication of a book of Butterflies participants. The $180 is also deductible from the fees for your space, if you exhibit onsite.

To participate in the physical fair you agree to deliver, install and uninstall, and load out at specified times at a location in downtown Manhattan. Please plan to have “your Fridge” attended by an exhibitor or someone else you specify to conduct sales and keep an eye on the booth. We have a pretty good record for security but we can't be everywhere all the time. If you want insurance please provide your own.

Or (the other way):


Be a Mini Fridge. Send us your contact information for open call information to bring works totalling four square feet or 8 cubic feet or less to the site for a chance to be selected to exhibit in a limited number of minibar size spaces. Fee is $60 only if you are accepted, or you may Be a Butterfly (see Butterflies for Peace above) with the $180 donation as your total fee to us.  Participation guidelines are same as above.



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