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APPLY TO Get into the Fridge


Our 9th Miami Edition takes "not your usual art fair to a new level as we explore the possibilities of the venue's indoor-outdoor fluidity. Artists, dealers and groups are invited to draft proposals for one or both of the following interventions:


Art Camps Out


Your in-tents-ity, creativity and sense of fun are invited to dream up an alternate universe where campgrounds become art districts. Show us what your gallery will look like with examples of works and dimensions. include any questions, and prepare to bring your own tent, lights etc. 


The Alligator Art Strolls


Think traditional local art/craft festival with tables, umbrellas, easels. Add a Fridge twist with performance and/or installation, or just be laid back. Bring any tables shelves etc and create unique signage to be memorable. Send us links to the art and your desired footprint dimensions.


Other formats? Please ask and we'll see what we can do…

Send to


No charge to apply. Last day we can see this is November 28th. Fees to show will be sliding scale/give what you can. DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED and TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

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