Fridge Victory John Waters Tribute Flamingo Booths Exhibitors:

Irina Sheynfeld- Victor Pedelty - Anna Stein- Victoria Alexander- Kazuko Miymato– Poundo the 6-legged dog- Gene Beery -William Wegman- Rod Webber - Amaya Viera- Oatmeal the Panda – Sir. Pug – Dayle Ginsburg – Linda Di Gusta - Mama Brit Pug - Dahk Peet - Anais Laurent - Yoko Ono - Janet Stanford - Rose Desena- Alexandra Holownia- Popsicle the French Bulldog -Michael Locke- Andy Warhol - Anais Laurent-Kaitlin Martin-Phoenix Roberts -Michelle Hill - EL.RoL.artworks - special guest exhibitor Eric Ginsburg and many many more…

Fridge Art Fairs 1st Annual "Thank You REFRIGERATOR" Mounted Poster Print Headshot. Where Fridge Art Fair All Star "Fridge-ers" celebrate the winers through writing/drawing words/images of love, gratitude, celebration, joy ect..
Miami 2019 we honor three pure inspirations of joy and love.  Fridge is Pleased to honor:
1) the City of Baltimore, Maryland 
2) Sir John Waters: Writer, Director, Visual Artist,  Actor, Visionary Thinker, Baltimore Charmer, Pure love. 
3) Eric Ginsburg: In his on words" I am truly honored to give myself this award!"
 *(Actress Kathleen Turner Applied For the Position Serial Mom and and presented Director/Artist John Waters who wrote and directed the Film "Serial Mom a few headshots closer in size to a can of Baltimore City's Old Bay Seasoning.")