Fridge Art Fair Team

Fridge Art Fair has been blessed with so many who care about art for art & your support of Fridge:

The art fair that is art is a blessing beyond words. Thank you. Thank you Thank you from all of us!

Welcome to the Reborn Fridge !


Fridge Art Fair Founder and Artist, Eric Ginsburg, is best known for his unique and whimsical dog and cat portraits that consist of soulful and painterly qualities. Ginsburg credits his success to patron and friend Sol LeWitt who commissioned works and served as a mentor, along with William Wegman, who served both as Eric's "pen pal" and as a "kind of a hero." Ginsburg's works are found in public & private collections around the world including: Herb & Dorothy Vogel Collection of the National Gallery of Art, Corrie ten Boom Museum (Netherlands), The New Britain Museum of American Art, The Cartin Collection, Cindy Sherman, Fred Dorfman, William Wegman, Agnes Gund, Paula Cooper, and the LeWitt Collection. Visit for more.


Fridge pleased to welcome artist -curator – director who has chosen to go by “Anonymous” to Fridge Art Fair. “Anonymous” joins the team as a concept guru who by choice is understated and has been an instrumental figure in [creating what is considered one of if not the greatest art gallery of contemporary times; in terms of vision: humanity and care amongst others.] Congratulations - 50 years!


Joshua is honored to join the Fridge Art Fair team as we are truly blessed to have him! Joshua a native of Albania comes to Fridge after more than two decades as the Founder and Chairmen of the National Society of the Canadian Province of Manitoba Ice Dancing All Star Jazz Dancers. He brings to Fridge his brilliant skills of team crafting for the greater good of society. Mr. Abreu’s ability to create and craft Jazz Ice Dancers to a level of brilliance that has often been stated as “Brilliant beyond Brilliant” by the most revered experts in the craft is truly beyond anything anyone at Fridge Art Fair could ever imagine! We are truly honored to have you Joshua!


Ignacio Font and Jean Blackwell Font: Ignacio Font received his MFA from SVA and has been an educator for more than 20 years. Jean Font has worked in both non-profit and for-profit organizations in Miami for more than 20 years. Together, these practicing artists bring a lifetime of combined creative experiences as curator, arts administrator, marketer, and educator. Font Squared started as assistant curator in the 2016 fair and then took on a curatorial role for the 2017 fair, as well as sponsoring the Fridge Magnet project. In 2018, Jean & Ignacio joined the Fridge as co-directors. Visit for more information.


Linda DiGusta (ENFP) has been a writing and editing professional since 1996, with a focus on fine art journalism and marketing since 2005. Also an artist, as well as a kid who grew up playing in the Metropolitan Museum, it was only natural that she was drawn to curatorial practice, and since 2010 she has served as curator, coordinator and consultant for numerous projects and artists, including exhibitions at NYPL Galleries, Gallery OneTwentyEight, chashama, Angel Orensanz Foundation, Dorian Grey Gallery and Plaxall Gallery. Several curatorial essays and articles are posted on her LinkedIn


Each fair requires an army of people and most of them lend their support without ever being paid. We just could not do this without their dedication and hard work. Want to be a Fridge Volunteer? CLICK HERE. WE ARE A NON FOR PROFIT!