BIRTHED: DC 2012  ||  BORN: NYC: 2013  || REBIRTHED: MIA: 2018

Fridge Art Fair was born in 2013 on New York's Lower East Side. Fridge Art Fair is the boutique, soft sell, dog-friendly satellite fair dubbed by ArtInfo as "the baby who has refused to obey orders to stand outside the door while the adults confabulate inside." Since then, Fridge Art Fair has been held in Miami (in December) and New York (in March) every year, for five consecutive years.

WHAT is Fridge and what does a Fridge look like? Every Fridge is different: Example, one fair (in terms of space) will have what we like to say: "The Art Fair Booth" and another Fridge will be an open space and curated.

WHO is Fridge? Fridge accepts applications and proposals from artists, galleries, collectives, or any person, place, or thing that might want to be a part of Fridge.

Fridge New Logo.jpg
Can you fit in the Fridge?
— Sir Eric Ginsburg